Invest in and back your favourite players, trustlessly

This system bridges together gamers and investors using blockchain based technology through the Tokenisation of Ranked Matchmaking Score.

In this section we offer a practical breakdown of the system and resulting user experience.

There are 3 types of users in our system:

  1. Players

  2. ARCAS Holders

  3. Game Devs (us)


In Arcas Champions players can purchase Champions for 9.99 USD (provisional pricing).

Champions can be levelled up and customised to suit a play-style using consumables unlocked in game, the value they bring to the player is focused around the game, strategy and teamwork.

Ranked Matchmaking Score is tracked by Champion, allowing players to recalibrate and rank with different play-styles (support, tank etc.). Leaderboards are also Champion Based.

Players with many high ranking and Skill-staked Champions increase their Champion prestige and unlock privileged voting rights in Governance, such as new Game Mode proposals.

Players can earn revenue share without having to do anything besides compete, withdrawing earned revenue share direct to their wallets in 1 click. Revenue share is earned based on whether their champions have been staked towards and how they perform competitively.

ARCAS Holders

Arcas controls the DAO treasury which earns revenue from purchases in game.

The DAO controls SkillStaking, revenue sharing with holders and players.

ARCAS holders will have access to a dashboard on arcas.blockapescissors.com showing them all active champions and their relative TVL, play-style and expected APR yield.

Any holder has the ability to stake their tokens under any champion, earning yield based on it's relative MMR and giving the champions governance power and a performance based fee on yield.

The fee model is designed to promote early player discovery and consistent player performance in a clever way to avoid the majority of ARCAS being staked under a small pool of players.

After staking holders can access the dashboard to unstake their tokens or harvest their yield.

The system is designed to promote competition amongst gamers as well as value creation from delegated player governance.


The Arcas developers will be in charge of respecting Player Governance as well as developing all supporting tooling and infrastructure to allow for the DAO and SkillStaking to eventually operate in a completely decentralised manner.

Developers will select the amount of revenue to direct towards the DAO on a per product base, this is to ensure the team can keep improving the game over time.

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