📜The Story of Arcas

A flourishing planet with a jungle biome rich of plants and vegetation.

In the beginning barbaric apes roamed planet Arcas abusing Bastonium. Watching them grow power hungry and aggressive, more civilised Apes began taking arms to defend themselves. Over decades the bloody conflict was finally put to rest by the Arcas Champions, a legendary group of warrior apes who wiped the barbarian scourge from the planet.

Following their victory, the Arcas Champions ushered a new era ruled by a high council of Ape Elders residing in The Village. The violent nature of the past set the foundations for a new society based on Peace and Harmony. Bastonium was banned and with the passage of centuries its existence forgotten.

As Peace and Harmony bread prosperity, the Ape Elders grew lazy and lost sight of the values that once built their thriving civilization. Amongst the chaos rose the Village Elites, a corrupt military branch of the village which swiftly began marginalising the weak and frail away from the thriving Village centre.

One day a giant ship crashed from outer space into the jungle planet, razing it's surroundings and striking fear amongst the villages. Built by a multi-Galactic corporation called B.A.S. (Bureau of Astro Space), the ship had been sent to extract Bastonium ore from the planet core for refinement due to its immense potential.

As the jungle revived around the crash site, new kinds of bastonium corrupted plants spread across the infected jungle. Fearful of it's meaning, the Ape Elders forbade all apes from appraoching the area.

A misfit yet curios Chimp judged unskilled by the Elites and cast away into the jungle discovered an engaving on an ancient stone. Learning about the Arcas Champions, the B.A.S. ship and the potential of Bastonium.

Obsessed with finding the truth, the chimp ventured into the shipwreck further and futher until one day a mysterious accident fused his brain with bastonium, unlocking the alien ship technology but turning him mad. With the alien ship in his control, he began striking fear in the Village Elites as the MadMonkey, venerated by the Renegade misfit Apes also left behind by the Village.

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