🪂Beta Play to Airdrop

An overview of the Beta Treasure Hunt & Arcas rewards

The Arcas Champions Beta was released on the 4th of April 2024 featuring a Play to Airdrop treasure hunt. This allows the holders of Gamester and partner NFTs to participate in the Treasure Hunt quest for rewards in ARCAS tokens.

The treasure hunt can be accessed on: https://arcas.blockapescissors.gg/quest

In order to participate: 1. Download Arcas Champions Beta from https://arcas.blockapescissors.gg/arcas-champions You can either select the GPU mining featured Gaimin launcher or the simpler Arcas launcher. *If you use the Gaimin launcher, ensure monetisation is turned off whilst your are playing or it will slow down your performance significantly. 2. Bind you NFT & Player ID on https://arcas.blockapescissors.gg/quest After signing into the game with your Epic Games account, retrieve your playerID and connect your wallet to our webapp to bind the two together. This is a one time operation, after binding your NFT & playerID they are tied together for the duration of the quest. Your NFT stays in your wallet and isn't transferred out. 3. Find the hidden relayers in game Play online across the 3 different maps, find the hidden relayers and submit the codes on the webapp (check tutorial to see what the relayers look like). 4. Receive ARCAS airdrop After successfully submitting all 3 codes you will receive ARCAS airdropped to your wallet within 7 days of all quests being completed. **If you sell or transfer your NFT out of your wallet you will not receive the ARCAS airdrop, make sure you are still holding it. Rewards (First Come First Served)

Eligible NFTs: Gamester - 250 Rewards, $100 ARCAS each. Pancakesquad - 200 Rewards, $100 ARCAS each. ***Due to the difficulty and slow uptake of quests being completed (196 after 37 days), a decision was made to reduce it from 2000 quests to 250 whilst doubling the ARCAS rewards to $100 ARCAS per quester.

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