🔫Arcas Champions

The first Power to Players game

Arcas Champions is an Unreal Engine 5 third person shooter blending gunplay, abilities and stats in fast paced competitive game modes which require teamwork, precision and strategic thinking.

Set on the thriving jungle planet Arcas, Village Elites and Renegades are engaged in a guerilla-style civil war for control of the planet. The two factions harness Bastonium, a largely misunderstood element to exert control over the planet.

The game revolves around Champions, apes which players customise and upgrade to compete with specific playstyles in ranked modes. Rank and Leaderboards shall be Champion based rather than profile based.

It innovates with Skillstaking, a system designed to break the barriers of esports by leveraging the trustless nature of the blockchain and allowing for a more efficient ascent to professional gaming through the tokenization of ranked matchmaking score (MMR).

As the first Power to Players game, Arcas Champions gives players tools and a governance system that empowers them to own their experience and influence the development of the game. The Beta of the game can be downloaded through either Gaimin's Launcher or our own: Arcas Launcher Gaimin.io Launcher

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