Our development partners are: Game Development: BEVIUM Game Launcher: PATCHKIT Web3 Backend and Data: PARSIQ Liquidity & Bonding: APEBOND Q4 2022: Project Ape Shooter Teaser Trailer Release:

Q4 2023: Alpha Release Arcas Champions

P2P online with Epic Services sign in & NFT PFP customisation.

Q2 2024: Beta Release Arcas Champions

P2P online with Epic Services sign in & NFT PFP customisation.

Play-To-Airdrop Campaign with GAMESTER NFT and Partner NFT integrations

Early Access Release

Arcas Champions

This will be the first public release of the game and replace the P2P matchmaking system with a centralised server approach. F2P will allow players to equip and use all weapons. Players can purchase Champions (9.99 USD provisionally) to select their totem abilities and receive a set of randomly generated base stats. Champions are also NFTs on the blockchain and will give players access to our Compete and Earn framework with weekly MMR writes on chain.

Arcas Dapp

The Dapp at this stage will include: - Information on the project and the ability to download our launcher - Web3 connectivity and account abstraction - Champion purchasing, management and marketplace - Skillstaking dashboard for ARCAS token holders and revenue share

Marketing and Community

Leading up to Early Access release we will have a high quality cinematic trailer to help market and onboard gamers into our ecosystem which we can share and propagate across key partners and esports players. Full Product Release

Arcas Champions The full release of Arcas Champions will give players a complete multiplayer and sandbox experience. There will be a F2P progression system unlocking weapons, loadout mods and weapon tuning alongside a consumable based progression system for levelling up and customising Champions. Purchasable and equipable skins will also be added to the game. Skins will make use of limited supply or limited purchase periods (like Fortnite) in order to introduce scarcity to skins. All purchased skins will be blockchain based NFTs.

Arcas Dapp

Similarly to the Launcher, the Dapp is going to progressively add features in order to support and improve the user experience for Arcas Champions gamers as well as Arcas token holders (investors). The dapp will add: - Player Champion governance DAO. - Arcas Champions Skin store, management and marketplace.

2025 and onwards:

Following the release of Arcas Champions, we shall work to grow the Arcas ecosystem with more games designed under the same "Compete and Earn" philosophy whilst still improving Arcas Champions based on Player Governance.

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