Champions are ape characters that players take into matches and each have their own rank.

Champions have the following characteristics: Stats

Strength - Increases melee attack damage and range.

Agility - Increases mobility

Health - Increases health

Intelligence - Decreases ability cooldowns

Luck - Random health and ammo refills on enemy kills.


Totems are abilities with 3 different groups: Damage, Utility and Super. They have varying cooldowns that can be decreased by buffing your intelligence stat.

In the video below there are some examples of the totems in the alpha.


Champion prestige is a combination of its ranked matchmaking score and staked governance power from ARCAS holders. All Champions are NFTs on the blockchain and will automatically participate in our Compete and Earn framework.

Early Access

Players can purchase champions and receive randomised base stats alongside the ability to select and customise totems. Players without a champion will receive randomised stats and totems every match they play.

Full Release

A Consumable and Totem based progression system tied to player profiles shall be added allowing players to level up their champion stats and infuse them with unlocked totems of their choice, giving players the ability to craft their ideal playstyle.

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