🛡️Weapon Loadouts

Weapon Loadouts represent the equipment that Champions carry into battle and are comprised of Weapons, Loadout Mods and Weapon Tuning.

Weapon Categories:

  1. Primary/Damage

  2. Secondary/Utility

  3. Melee

Loadout Mod Categories:


  1. High Damage Rounds: Weapon damage increased

  2. Double tap: Weapon fires two bullets per shot

  3. High capacity mag: More ammunition


  1. Fire rounds: Cause burn damage

  2. Healing rounds: Heal teammates and structures

  3. Lethal Rounds: Deal added damage


  1. Lucky Strike: Luck stat increased by 50%

  2. Berserk Boost: Strength stat increased by 50%

  3. Resourceful: Intelligence stat increased by 50%

Weapon Tuning is unlocked through weapon specific challenges (e.g. 50 headshots with a sniper) and once unlocked allows the player to calibrate their ideal weapon stats. Each weapon will come with its own array of stats, allowing players to balance them based on their playstyle.

Early Access Version

There shall be a limited pool of weapons and all will be made available to the player and equipable from the Barracks.

Full Product Version

There will be a completely free to play weapon progression system tied to XP and achievements with 20 unique Weapons, 9 Loadout Mods and the ability to fine-tune the stats of your mastered weapons.

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