🦍Block Ape Scissors

Block Ape Scissors is a Binance backed and incubated Indie Gaming studio focused on the innovation and development of value driven blockchain gaming. Since launching in 2021 we have released the following digital assets:


Arcas is a token on BNB Chain that governs the Arcas Decentralised Organisation. Holders of ARCAS are shareholders with governance rights who will eventually earn a dividend from the revenues generated from it's operations.

Our first product is Arcas Champions, an Unreal Engine 5 competitive objective-based shooter which will feature SkillStaking, the first Power to Players web3 esports protocol. The game is set on Planet Arcas, a thriving Jungle world torn in a civil war between the Village Elites and The Renegades.

Token: $ARCAS on Dex Tools


Gamesters are a collection of 10,000 digital assets that will be able to test and provide high quality feedback on upcoming games.

They shall be employable by web3 games across BNB Chain, AVAX, Polygon, Arbitrum and Base through an innovative horizontal NFT DAO design powered by Chainlink CCIP. Gamesters will also receive exclusive perks and access to products developed by Block Ape Scissors. NFT: Gamesters on Pancakeswap

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