🛑Unstaking & Migration


The following contracts have been used by the BAS community and are now retired.


The cut off for migration was 12pm UTC 31/12/2023, end of 2023. Migration is now complete. No further submissions will be considered BAS Beta Rewards OLD BscScan: BAS Beta Rewards : OLD

BAS Beta Rewards

BscScan: BAS Beta Rewards

BAS LP Farm BscScan: BAS LP Farm

If you still have assets staked after migration, please interact directly with the contract(s) on BSC Scan. For guidance please contact us through Discord or Telegram

Token migration form: (CLOSED) https://forms.gle/fez2kzJYZcK7FvpR8 The first batch of submissions was processed on the 31st of October: LP Airdrop BSC Scan: LP Airdrop Arcas Airdrop BSC Scan: ARCAS Token Airdrop

Final batch was processed on the 31st of December 2023

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