Core Team

Executive Ape - Dan

Responsible for the strategy, management and engineering of the project, Dan is a computer scientist specialised in EVM smart contract development. As a founder he has been focused on the philosophy and advancement of value driven web3 gaming at Block Ape Scissors.

Gaming Ape - Marco

Responsible for Arcas Champions and the creative direction of the project, Marco is a skilled 3D Animator, Artist and Unreal Engine developer. He has been a key member of the project since the beginning and the creator of Arcas Champions.

Community Ape - Dave (TG: Toad_CCC)

Responsible for the Community management of the project, Dave is an experienced business owner and excellent communicator. He is the central point of reference for the Block Ape Scissors community and a key member of the project since the start.

Tech Ape - Vlad

Responsible for the web development side of the project, Vlad is an expert fullstack web developer and programmer. He has been actively contributing to the Block Ape Scissors community as an investor and active member since we launched.

Business Ape - Alven (TG: masterzmoon)

Responsible for the development of BD, MasterZ is an experienced moderator and BNB chain Martian with a wide network of projects and KOLs. MasterZ has been the Chinese channel moderator for the project since it began and is a key figure in the community.