🚀Old Token Migration

The Migration Process from the original BAS token to the new Arcas token


The Block Ape Scissors token was launched in June 2021 on Binance Smart Chain representing the Block Ape Scissors Blockchain Gaming Studio. The token can be found here: https://bscscan.com/token/0x8ddeec6b677c7c552c9f3563b99e4ff90b862ebc As of 30/09/2022 the Block Ape Scissors token has been deprecated and liquidity has been migrated to a token v2 called Arcas, eliminating security risks present in the token. In order to better represent our goals, the overall scope of the Block Ape Scissors project has been split between two tokens, Arcas and Bananas. This migration doc covers information relating to the Arcas token and dapp arcas.blockapescissors.com, this token is specifically for use within the p2e ecosystem that Arcas and Project Ape Shooter will build. We believe that using separate tokens for separate platforms provides the most benefits by providing better user experience and suitable tokenomics. Subsections

Migration Process

Security Audit Unstaking & Migration Arcas Token Links

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